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The Law Offices of Ryan McFarland attorneys are granted unlimited representation rights with the IRS. We represent individuals and businesses before the IRS on all tax matters. We provide expert advice on audits, payment issues, and appeals. We are also licensed and experienced in handling tax preparation (personal & business). There are other tax professionals with unlimited representation rights such as CPAs and enrolled agents. Tax attorneys have continuing education, specialization, and professional character standards that set the bar high for solving tax-related issues. We can foresee issues with your tax returns so you can avoid loopholes in the taxes you file. As experts in tax litigation, our tax preparation lawyers can also anticipate IRS arguments that may challenge your tax returns.


There are different types of tax problems, but a reliable tax attorney knows the appropriate solution for each. The Law Offices of Ryan McFarland can contest challenging tax problems and fight for the appropriate tax resolutions.
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Many individuals and businesses still hire different lawyers to do their taxes and deal with bankruptcy concerns. The Law Offices of Ryan McFarland is a one-stop lawyer for tax and bankruptcy consultations. We give expert legal advice on tax liabilities as well as tax bankruptcy discharge, among others.
By law, individuals who sign joint tax returns are jointly liable for taxes due them. If your spouse owes the IRS money and is facing interest and penalties on tax deficiencies, you can be charged too. However, the Congress provides the “innocent” spouse relief from liability for the additional taxes. Our tax attorneys can help you obtain Innocent Spouse Relief by convincing the state court and the IRS of your innocence.
Was your social security number stolen and used to file fraudulent tax returns? If you’re faced with a refund you do not owe, turn to The Law Offices of Ryan McFarland for identity theft issues.


Companies have a responsibility to pay various state and federal taxes. In any case, you can count on our tax attorneys to help you resolve bumps with business tax issues.
  • Sales tax is one type of task businesses are responsible for paying, but it’s not that simple. Tax pricing and application vary per product and state. Our tax attorneys can help you figure out the complexity of sales taxes, pricing, sales tax obligations, and exemptions.
  • An actual audit can be expensive for many businesses. The Law Offices of Ryan McFarland offers Audit Review & Recommendation. This provides businesses with similar benefits as an audit with minimal costs. This is recommended for businesses with a limited budget but needs assurance that the company’s financial records are accurate. However, in case the board or management suspects fraud, an audit is necessary.
  • Are you drowning in payroll tax debt? Hire a tax attorney California expert to obtain a deferral of your payroll tax debt. Though this will be short-term, it can give you some time to get back on your feet. Other resolutions for payroll tax issues include declaring payroll debt currently uncollectible so you can get a tax holiday. In some cases, the time for IRS to collect your payroll tax debt may have expired or is set to expire soon. An experienced tax attorney can help calculate your payroll taxes correctly and even help you obtain a loan to pay-off current payroll debt.
  • Is your business facing collection attempts from the IRS through the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty? The IRS can penalize a large group of people who are deemed responsible for the withholdings. This can include officers, employees, Board of Trustees members, sole proprietors, and some third party agents. Do not wait for the IRS to issue tax liens and levies to collect the payment. Once you have received a notice for intent to impose Trust Fund Penalties from the IRS, consult a trusted tax attorney. Companies and sole proprietors are given 60 days to file an appeal with the IRS. During this time, our tax lawyers can contest the IRS findings and propose an alternative resolution to the case.
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Our main role in tax controversies is to defend our clients against IRS penalties and assessments. With years of education and experience in substantive tax law and regulations, we can provide the best possible defense for you. Our attorneys are trained in the legal procedures for contesting tax penalties and difficult IRS positions. Whether you have overpaid or underpaid taxes, our payroll tax attorneys can help reduce penalties and seek refunds. We can provide you with legal advice and our legal opinion in writing. This is a good way to scale the reliability of a tax professional. If they resist issuing a written opinion, they may not be the best choice for you.
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Whether you’re an individual or a business, we have trusted tax attorneys that can handle your tax-related concerns. We can help you with tax preparation, tax review, tax recommendation, liabilities, and exemptions. Contact The Law Offices of Ryan McFarland before it’s too late to file an appeal.
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