It is a fact that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can go as long as ten (10) years to collect back taxes. The Law Offices of Ryan McFarland is doing its part to orient you on the value of taxes. Not only do the citizens have to pay them but the demands can become more overwhelming to banks, financial institutions and corporations. Because we deal with commercial (business) and individual (personal) taxation advice and provisions, allow us to draw from our knowledge to help you better.


Bank Levies. Talking about levies means that you are talking about an organization. A creditor uses the mode of freezing the debtor’s account to make sure that the debt is paid. Applying this to corporations and especially banks, the act of a bank levy is indicative of punishment for possible risky or lack of discipline by its members.

A bank levy is a preventive measure that ensures that managers and employees are regularized with their fees and pay their taxes and respective debts on time. On a business account, this could be urgent. Using our services at The Law Offices at Ryan McFarland, we make sure that it does not lead to a court order that will make you pay your taxes. In this case, consider the options of preventing a bank levy before it grows into an unbelievable proportion.



Bank Levies. Talking about levies means that you are talking about an organization. A creditor uses the mode of freezing the debtor’s account to make sure that the debt is paid. Applying this to corporations and especially banks, the act of a bank levy is indicative of punishment for possible risky or lack of discipline by its members.

Remember that a bank levy is a strategy used to make you and your organization pay. So first thing to do is to see if you can pay—and if you can then pay as soon as possible. However, if that solution is not an option for the time being, there is no harm in trying to dispute or allude to the differences that your company and the creditor have when it comes to debt. Not acting upon a levy can lead to a surprise emptying of your account. With our representation, we can commit to clients’ requests for laying down the rightful approaches to your claim:

In order to make matters more urgent, creditors will fail to notify debtors of their pending pay. Before thinking that this is bad faith, this is done only because they have exhausted all the ways in contacting you or making you pay. Nevertheless, this can also be a credible way to prevent or limit the amount levies in your account.

Other preventions to cite are creditor error, old debt that has passed, bankruptcy or you can try negotiating your way unto a deal that could say you money and your company’s reputation.

Wage Garnishments. Going hand-in-hand with a bank levy can be a wage garnishment. While this can happen in lieu of a frozen account or failure to pay fees and/or taxes, all the same—there is a withholding of pay as a result of a legal action such as a court order. It is assumed that an individual’s attention has been called because of this. The most common cause of non-payment is due to avoidance of financial responsibility such as child support.

How to stop a LIEN

Liens: Removal & Steps to Avoid. A type of material loan that signifies the property used by someone who isn’t its original owner and can demand it as a form of compensation if a debt is not paid. Liens are a generally placed value on an object which is considered an asset.

There are several types of lien that one has to familiarize itself with, and these are the consensual liens—a general term that is used on someone who has put a claim on unpaid bills and in turn has put this claim through a court places. Under this common type are the judgment, tax and constructor liens that put a compensation value on their properties.

There is one way to stop a lien, and that is through a written and signed document that states that the lien has been removed. Attached to it is a proof of payment (e.g., receipt). This is called a release of lien.

Other services here at The Law Offices of Ryan McFarland include Tax Preparation, (Personal and Business), Appeals, Sales Tax, Payroll Tax Issues, Tax Fund Penalties, Audit Review and Recommendation, Innocent Spouse Relief, Identity Theft Issues and Bankruptcy Consultations.


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Petra K.
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If you need assistance with taxes or a good tax attorney , Ryan McFarland is your guy. This year is the first time we reached out for assistance with our...
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Ryan was pleasant,prompt and through. Facilitated the answers I needed with tax return and divorce
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Ryan is trustworthy, professional and is an expert in resolving tax and debt issues. We have stressed about our taxes for a long time, and he came in and helped us reconcile our issues quickly and efficiently. He continued to communicate with us during the process. We were never in the dark about what was happening and how he was going to help us. And…he completely helped us and found the best resolution for our family. Most importantly is that he is honest and cares. We felt listened to and valued. So refreshing. We highly recommend him!
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Laurie Bishop
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I just wanted to share my experience with Ryan. I am a small business owner, and we certainly took a hit this last year. It’s scary when you receive a letter from the IRS. I reached out to several tax attorneys with just a simple question. Ryan was very responsive and compassionate, All this during tax time when everybody’s super busy. Out of five different people Ryan was the only one that Actually responded and tried to help me. Ryan, I just want to say thank you so much for taking the time, I know you’re busy. Thank you again so much for all your help. I will be reaching out again if I need anything. You’re awesome. Laurie
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Maurice Franklin
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I know how important reviews are because I rely on them just as much as you, so let me tell you about Ryan McFarland Law Offices. I was referred to Ryan by my neighbor when I described multiple tax issues I had with multiple state and federal agencies. Ryan gave me his full attention, listened to my speak, gave me detailed feedback on where my problems fit relative to the laws and demonstrated how he could bring me value and various solutions. He also educated me on my cases strengths and weaknesses and made recommendations all during our initial consultation. Based on what Ryan and I discussed during the consultation I was able to work to resolve the issue on my own, all the while Ryan rooted me on to success. For that he has earned my business whenever I or anyone I know needs an attorney. He put me first.

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