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The Law Offices of Ryan McFarland is the top choice for providing counsel on all levels of tax debt. We serve clients in local North County San Diego and beyond!

When a tax debt is outstanding, you should be receiving notices from the IRS or state agency you owe on a regular basis. These mailings are required by law. This correspondence can be alarming and stressful to deal with on your own. Worse, if collections have commenced on the debt there may be a filing of tax lien (public record of the debt), wage garnishment, or bank levy. Our team consists of lawyers who possess the traits and skills that it takes to help you solve all your tax issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will also ensure you have proper planning so you are worry free for the future and you can get rid of any ongoing stress related to the problem!
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We can negotiate with the IRS to allow you to make an offer in compromise (OIC) which is a legal way to reduce your tax debt. We can also help you take advantage of one of the IRS payment plans or hardship programs. The payment plan or installment agreement allows you to make regular payments on your tax debt to the IRS. Our attorneys can guide you through the process and help you get a reasonable payment plan that fits your budget. Removing a tax lien from your credit report is also possible with our assistance.

Relieve yourself from the stress and trouble of dealing with your taxes and the authorities. Make sure you don’t get a bad credit report for years because of tax debt. Work with one of our outstanding tax lawyers today.

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